For over 30 years Cobra Seats has been manufacturing exclusively in the United Kingdom, earning a reputation that unites innovative technology, quality of design and functional elegance.

It's a reputation built on passion. In the 1960's Len Dunsford was acknowledged as one of the country's best vehicle trimmers - his work graced racing cockpits used by names like Moss, McQueen and Clark.

Nowadays modern heroes place their trust in Cobra's ability to combine the very highest safety standards with weight saving technology... and Cobra is still a family run company - grandson Mark, who is Managing Director, shares his father's and grandfather's hands on passion for the art of building the finest seats and car interiors.

Pro-Fit System

The Cobra Pro-Fit system is all about achieving the perfect body geometry in the seat. Get this right and your harness and head and neck restraint system will function to their full potential. Using up to 18 different cushion combinations for each seat, Cobra PRO-FIT compensates for differences in torso and leg length to give the ideal H point, shoulder and leg positioning no matter what your shape and size. With fast removal and repositioning, driver changes can be accommodated with ease. Of course, form follows function so it goes without saying once your geometry is correct, perfect comfort is a foregone conclusion.

The result is a seat that fits you perfectly, and makes you feel one with the car.

For cars with multiple drivers of different sizes, purchase additional Pro-Fit cushions to allow for a quick change for each driver.

Outlast® Fabric

The Origin

Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. The temperature corridor within which the human body feels comfortable is relatively narrow. Outlast® technology helps to smooth changes in temperature within this corridor, maintaining a more consistent temperature range.

Outlast microcapsules use phase change molecules to absorb excess heat, providing a cooling system. This heat is stored and if the body cools, heat is release back to the body as needed. The result is a constant microclimate.

The benefits in motorsports are without question. In hotter environments, Oulast technology within Cobra Seats will assist the driver in maintaining a cooler body temperature for longer. In cooler environments Outlast will aid in maintaining body warmth.

The Function

  • Outlast® microcapsules absorb body heat
  • Stored heat is released back to the body as needed
  • The result is constant microclimate

Outlast® Fabric is available on all Cobra Motorsport seats as an option.

Cobra Technology® Seats

Cobra Technology®... a proprietary method for combing the critical elements of some of the world's most advanced materials to achieve the ultimate motorsport seat. Starting with a Carbon composite shell Cobra then adds a dual density, three layer structure of Confor® foamonfor® foam is a unique material and under sustained pressure and exposure to body warmth will soften and flow, conforming to a driver's body. Unlike normal foam, Confor® will dissipate impact energy, instead of recoiling and amplifying it. Outlast cooling system is then installed giving you the ultimate motorsport seat. The energy absorbing cushions will mold to your body on contact, providing support that distributes your weight evenly, giving you a seat that fits perfectly every time.


  • Visual carbon finish to composite shell
  • EAR Confor® energy absorbing foam padding
  • Dinamica upholstery with Nappa leather wear patches
  • Outlast® cooling system installed
  • Custom embroidery included
  • Available on all Cobra composite seats

Reclining Sports Seats

Integrated Anti-sub Strap Mounts

Cobra sports seats can be equipped with provision for Anti-Sub Straps. What sets Cobra apart with this feature is the integrated mounts for the straps. With most seats you have to run the Anti-Sub Strap through the seat and mount it to the floor of the car. In a car where the seat is on sliders, this compromises optimal harness geometry as the seat moves and the mounting point remains stationary.

On a Cobra Seat with integrated Anti-Sub Mounts, the mounting location moves with the seat providing optimal harness geometry no matter where in the seat's travel you are.

Please note, because of the increased load on mounting locations this will incur, be absolutely positive you are using factory mounting locations! These will have been designed to withstand the forces generated in an impact and will ensure the seat and harness remains where it should in the event of an impact.

Perfect for Track Use and daily Drivers

If you drive your street car on the track you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of support you will get from Cobra's sport seats. All of this comes of course without sacrificing comfort on a daily basis when you are not on a track. With adjustable back angles, you can vary your driving position during your journey to prevent fatigue and soreness.

Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets

Cobra's vehicle specific brackets assure you get the seat as low as possible in the car, using factory mounting locations for safety and ease of installation


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