Cobra's luxury stadia seating provides opportunities to build stronger relationships with corporate clients and provide additional revenue streams.

Cobra offers a complete range of hospitality seating - from bespoke office seating for hospitality boxes and boardrooms through to pitch-side seating for hospitality clients.

Cobra can enable corporate clients to customize their own seats in front of the box, providing additional comforts for important guests by choosing wide seat options, heated seat options and built in USB ports.

Cobra's luxury seating also provides additional marketing and revenue streams for club shop and marketing departments: make your fans feel part of the team - Cobra can offer a personalization service for individual customers and if you sell our seating in your club shop or online, Cobra will coordinate and despatch so clubs don't even have to hold stock.

Cobra office seats are ideal luxury items to feature in club shops and are ideal for PR, marketing and competition opportunities.