Brey Krause Cobra Nogaro Side Mounts using Porsche Slider

These Cobra side plates allow for trouble free Nogaro installation in a variety of Porsche models. These side plates are designed to be used with OEM manual 996 and 986 Porsche sliders, or the BK R9044 seat track adapter. 

  • OEM sliders compared aftermarket sliders add strength, rigidity, and seat travel.
  • OEM sliders allow for belts to mount above sliders.
  • Stock 3 point receiver attaches with no addition parts

The Porsche sliders these side plates are designed for can also fit in a variety of other Porsche models (996, 986, 997, 987, 991, 981, 982 and 718). This will require you to purchase the sliders separately, along with the BK R9043 adapter kit when used in  911(993/964) & 944/924/968 models. 

Part Number Price Purchase
BK R9775 BK R9775 $249.36

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