Brey Krause Cobra Nogaro Side Mounts for BMW E46 E85 E86

  • BK R9224
BK R9224

BK R9224

Cobra Nogaro Seat Mounts to e46, e85, e86 OEM powered or manual sliders Also works in e36, but requires e46/e85/e86 sliders. Both driver & passenger side seat mounts are included.

  • Works with factory power or manual sliders.
  • Stock 3 point receiver attaches with no addition parts.
  • For power slider use, BMW PN 61311377905 (e30 window switch) or aftermarket equivalent required to control slider. (Required for powered installation)
  • For manual slider, Brey-Krause PN R-9226 (driver side) and R-9227 (passenger side) slider release handle required. (Required for manual installation)
  • Sub strap mount, if required: Brey-Krause PN R-9228 (driver side) and R-9229 (passenger side)
  • Clip in lap belt mount points (for 4/5/6 point), if required: R-9225 (covers driver and passenger)—not needed for Quickfit.
  • If sourcing new sliders, instead of reusing the set from stock seats. The sedan/wagon e46 sliders are recommended, as they have a built in outboard lap belt mount point.
  • Not compatible with Brey-Krause (under seat type) Fire Extinguisher Mounts, as the seat fitment is too low.

Part Number Price Purchase
BK R9224 BK R9224 $393.76

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